Golf is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. While golf can be played almost anywhere on the planet, the perfect place to go golfing is in Ireland.

One reason why Ireland is a great place to play golf is because of the beautiful scenery. Ireland is one of the rainiest countries in the world, which allows the landscape to keep a very beautiful green color, which gives golf courses across the country an Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland is a beautiful place to visit on your next golfing trip. You will find a variety of popular golf courses located next to the beaches. You will also find golf courses located within beautiful mountain scenery. Consider getting a group of your golf buddies together to take a trip to Ireland. You can find golf packages to Ireland by searching well-known travel websites online. It is easy to compare the golf courses by reading reviewers from other golfers. Ireland Read the rest of this entry »

The Emerald Isle is home to over 300 golf courses. Golfing in Ireland is a special experience, and world-renowned courses dot the entire country.

Sligo, Donegal, Mayo and Galway in the north west and west of Ireland offer pure links golf. The Atlantic shoreline is known for its many parkland courses.

The courses in Limerick, Clare and Kerry in the south west are widely regarded as the best in Ireland. Most courses are on the coast, overlooking the sea from dramatic cliffs, but there are a few parkland courses inland.

The county and city of Read the rest of this entry »

If you love the sport of golf and are visiting Ireland in the coming months, you might as well take advantage of the time and play the sport while your there. The sport was invented in Scotland, which is just a stones throw away, so many of the best courses in all of the world are in the area. So no matter where in the country you are visiting, there is a golf course nearby that Read the rest of this entry »

Golf is a sport enjoyed by many people of all different ages. No one does golfing quite like Ireland. With their low central plains and coastal mountains, the landscape in Ireland makes for unique golf courses. There are over 700 golf clubs throughout the island and in the Republic of Ireland. Both regional and international games are televised. While there are a vast number of golf clubs in Ireland, there are a few that truly reign supreme.

Doonbeg was revered as one of the most difficult golf courses Read the rest of this entry »

Touring Ireland for the sole purpose of hitting the golf links has become a popular thing for tourists to do lately. Some people take and spend an entire vacation hopping about the island nation in an effort to play on as many courses as possible. Others prefer to choose just one and enjoy all of the amenities that come with it.

Many travelers have to consider what other attractions might be around the course so their families do not get bored. The hotels in Ireland are top Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing the best golf course for your golfing needs can take you now many different paths. Even though most golfers will tell you they love to play any course at all, not every course is suited for them. This is why you must tailor the golf courses that you play to your talents and shortcomings. Here are some tip to help you pick golf courses that will fit your needs. Follow these simple tips to find Read the rest of this entry »

Selecting the appropriate golf club is vitally important for any golfer whether it be their first of their hundredth time on the course. The most significant thing to consider when selecting a golf club is your skill level. Beginners need a club that has a more flexible shaft than advanced players for example. The height of the club is significant as well. Putters should come up to about the waist while drivers should come up to the sternum. Additionally, website, it is necessary to select a set based upon age and gender. Children and teens have specific sets of clubs. Men and women also have different sets which are based upon size, height, and strength. When it comes to selecting a club that suits you on the golf course it will depend upon your preference. The more you hit a club the better sense you have of how far the ball will go. In certain instances, it is obvious that a putter or driver will be necessary. However, when considering a wood, iron, or hybrid club the selection becomes more difficult. An average 9 iron should go about 130 yards while an average 1 iron should go about 215 for example.